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Sunny Beach Event Scheveningen

Sunny Beach event at Scheveningen with ING

On 21 September we hosted a sunny beach event for ING. After a week of autumn weather the sun came out again, just in time for ING to enjoy it. They started of with a drink and a tasty brownie at beach club Copacabana in Scheveningen. After that it was time for some action.

Everyone joined us on the beach for ArcheryTag. We started out practising with the bow and arrow. Everyone started very carefully, but soon the arrows were flying all around. And it just became more fun once we started shooting at co-workers. Once we started the game no one was holding back anymore. Everyone was playing to win.

After three games it was time for a little break though. ArcheryTag makes you thirsty.

Then it was time for the second round of activities. Volleyball and power-kiting. There wasn’t much wind and it came in bursts, but with bigger kites and some practice, they stayed up in the air.

The volleyball turned into quite the competition once everyone had warmed up. Some couldn’t get enough of it and even played a second game.

During the activities the people at Copacabana had been busy setting up the BBQ, which was ready and waiting for us when we were done on the beach.

Dear people of ING, we hope you had a lovely day on the beach with us. We certainly enjoyed it.

Kind regards,

Brenda & Moena


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